Scholarship Scheme


1. Trustee Scholarship (Will be granted by Chairman/Secretary/MD)

S. No.        Eligibility or Criteria for Selection-                                       Amount of Scholarship-

1.               Trustee may allow admitting up to 55% marks holder         40000/-  (Being offered to every student in first year) 

                  (less than eligibility marks)                                                                      


2. First Come First Serve Scholarship-

Will be granted to candidates on priority basis . A total amount of Rs. 20,000/- will be waived off from the first year tuition fees for first 20 students .

3. Scholarship on Merit (Only for Year of Admission)

S. No.          Marks Obtained in Qualifying Examination                  Scholarship on Tuition Fees

1.                 75% and above                                                                  8000/- (i.e. 10% of Tuition fees)

4. Scholarship for economically weaker background (poor) students(Only for the Year of Admission)

S. No.          Marks Obtained in Qualifying Examination                   Scholarship on Tuition Fees

1.                 60% and above but less than 75%                                     8000/- (i.e. 10% of Tuition fees)


Note: Poor means who has the certificate of family income < 12 lakhs for all members (Income Certificate) certified by the Collector.

5. Scholarship of Alumini

Any Disha Alumini who did study of 3 years study will get 30% scholarship.

S. No.          Alumini                                                                               Scholarship on Tuition Fees

1.                 Alumni of 3 Years study                                                    24000/- (i.e. 30% of Tuition fees)


General Terms & Condition:

1. Student availing one scholarship will not be entitled for any other scholarship given by Disha Education Society i.e. any one scholarship is applicable for one student.

2. In case of scholarship received to student from any Govt. or non-Govt. organization out of Disha Education Society and credited to his account. The excess fees received will be refunded.

3. In case student gets full fees as bank loan and gets scholarship than excess fees received will be refunded.

4. For all or any category of admission the eligibility will be restricted to 60% cut off marks in Graduation, i.e. the Qualifying Exam.

5. If fees is not paid on time as declared from time to time then Rs. 100/- day is payable extra (Fine to be imposed ).

6. Condition for continuation of Scholarship in subsequent years of study of MBA, in the fees year 2024-25 is as follows.

i) Student must attend 55% of theory classes during 2023-24 academic year & obtain 85% of attendance by makeup classes.

ii) Student must attain:

a) More than 80% to avail same scholarship or

b) If in between 70 to 79.9%, his/her scholarship will remain 5% of tuition fee.

c) If he/she secures less than 70%, his/her scholarship will be withdrawn & he/she will be required to deposit full fees for that academic year.